7 High Paying Alternatives to Google AdSense

7 High Paying Alternatives to Google AdSense

Have you started your own website recently, or are planning to start one in the near future? Are you looking for alternatives to Google AdSense to monetize your website and earn through it? Then here’s how you can do so. Firstly, you can create your own website in four simple steps:

  1. Register your domain name
  2. Find a web hosting company – Bluehost being one of the best web hosting services
  3. Prepare your content
  4. Build and optimize your website.


Secondly, monetize your website and start making revenue from it by using various platforms, the best out of which is Google AdSense. Most people prefer using this platform as it is a free, simple way to earn money by placing reviewed ads on your website. This ensures that the ads on your website are of high quality and are appropriate for your website’s content. As a result, you can easily obtain more profit from the ads. However, in case Google AdSense has not accepted your website, or it is taking time to do so or has banned your account, don’t give up hope. There are various alternatives to Google AdSense which can be useful for those who are eager to make revenue.

Few of the best alternatives to Google AdSense

Among all, few of the best alternatives to Google AdSense that can be used for turning your passion into profit are discussed here. These might even give you better earnings and results in comparison to AdSense.


Media.Net is a contextual ad network – advertisements are hosted depending on the context of your blog. For example, if you are running Media.net ads on your page containing content about technology, your readers will only be shown advertisements related to technology.

The main reason why AdSense is one of the most widely used platforms is due to its contextual advertisements. These types of ads perform better than all other types of ads and help you make better revenue. Media.net is powered by Yahoo! and Bing and provides ads similar AdSense. As a result, Media.Net provides only high quality and high-paying advertisements. Therefore, in terms of ad types, this is the best alternative to AdSense. In the case of AdSense, getting approval is slightly difficult and a slow process. On the other hand, approval from Media.Net is easier, if you have targeted and quality content on your blog.

alternate to google adsense

The major reasons why Media.Net is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense

Here are the major reasons why we can consider Media.Net as a good alternative to Adsense:

  • Contextual advertisements
  • High revenue
  • Mobile ads – Media.Net mobile detection technology automatically detects mobile and smartphone browsers and serves mobile ads. This provides you with an additional income
  • Account manager – Media.Net offers dedicated account managers who will assist you with the setup and help you get started. The account manager will also help you optimize the ads with regard to the color, text, etc. You can email your account manager when you are facing any trouble and it will be instantly be resolved. Thus, they greatly contribute to increasing the revenue from your blog.
  • Multiple ad unit sizes – With the Media.net ad management panel, multiple ad unit sizes can be created
  • One account for unlimited websites – A single approved Media.net account can be used to run advertisements on multiple websites. However, you will need to get approval for every website, which can be done with the help of the site manager.
  • Neat and clean reporting dashboard.

Media.net supports payment via PayPal and Payoneer, the latter being cheaper for payout. This network has a minimum payment threshold of $100.



PropellerAds is one of the top performing ad networks with impressive technological innovation. It provides you with all the usual ad types, along with web push notifications ad type which has recently been added. It offers you different types of advertisements, from which you can pick the ads of your choice, on the basis on your content.

PropellerAds is a Global Advertising network which has greater than 1 billion online users per month. In a day, over 100 million desktop and mobile users across 120,000 of premium online publishing partners are reached. This is a great alternative to Google AdSense which helps you monetize your blog with the highest eCPM rates.

The ads provided by PropellerAds include desktop ads, mobile ads as well as video ads. The recently released version of Publisher Platform has a fully responsive design, upgraded statistics and live chat with the support team.

Alternatives to Google AdSense

Salient features of PropellerAds which make it one of the good alternatives to Google AdSense

The below-listed features are few of the features which make PropellerAds a highly reliable alternative to Google AdSense:

  • Over 750 million daily ad impressions globally
  • Self-Service Platform
  • Wide range of cross-platform ad formats – Including Push Notifications, Mobile Interstitial, Mobile Dialog, Direct Link (Smart Link), and Onclick
  • Real-time statistics
  • Anti-Adblock solution – guarantees 99.9% bypassing of all known AdBlock plugins, supports all browsers and helps increase up to 50% of the publisher’s revenue
  • Working with verticals such as Mobile App Installs, Financial Services, Gaming, Technology, Dating, eCommerce, Entertainment
  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Easy setup and instant account approval
  • Referral program – 5% lifetime commission
  • 24/7 Support team and Live Chat

PropellerAds supports payment via PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Webmoney as well as ePayments. For publishers using this network, the minimum payout is $25.



The recently used alternatives to Google AdSense are Amazon Native Shopping Ads and CPM based ads. Amazon Display ads are available in a variety of formats for delivering messages to inform and inspire customers to take action. You have an option to create your own ads or allow Amazon itself to do it for you.

With Amazon Display ads, you can promote your ads on and off Amazon. Your readers can see display ads on sites and apps not owned by Amazon in addition to Amazon websites, apps, and devices. You can ensure that your products reach the appropriate audiences with the help of Amazon shopping insights. The selling of these ads depends on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis. However, the prices may vary based on the format and placement of the ads.

On the other hand, Amazon Native Shopping Ads are similar to Google AdSense in terms of showing contextual ads. It provides you with highly relevant and dynamic ads depending on the content of your blog. The ads are displayed in a well-designed and responsive ad unit. You have an option to place the ad unit in different places on your blog – end of the content or within the content. Initially, you need to place ad codes on your blog for displaying various native ads. Thereafter, your content is automatically scanned and the relevant products are displayed based on the keywords you use within the blog post.

Few salient features of Amazon native ads

Among all the features of Amazon Native ads, the following are the most prominent ones:

  • Relevant recommendations – to show only the most relevant products to your readers
  • Flexible ad placement options – in accordance with your convenience, and to enhance the shopping experience of the customers
  • Highly responsive – easily accessible on all types of devices, including Smartphones, Tablets as well as Desktops
  • Very simple to start using and implementing to earn revenue from your blog

The different types of ads that are provided by Amazon Native ads include:

  • Firstly, Recommendation Ads – helps you by automatically displaying the most relevant product recommendations from Amazon. The content of your blog and visiting users is the basis for these ads
  • Secondly, Search Ads – with the help of Amazon Search, use specific keywords or phrases to drive various product recommendations
  • Finally, Custom Ads – you can select a few products of your choice and include the ad unit in your blog posts, to promote them.

However, the payment is not based on the number of clicks you receive. You will receive a small amount from the commission they make on selling any products from your links. For those of you who live in the United States of America, you can simply provide your bank account details for receiving the payment. However, for everyone else, the payment occurs in the form of a check, which may take several days. The other payment methods supported by Amazon ads are Amazon Gift cards, Wire transfer, and Payoneer.

JOIN AMAZON NATIVE ADS, Best alternative to google ADSENSE


Adversal, one of the oldest CPM ad networks, is one of the good alternatives to Google AdSense. It provides you with native advertisements, a self-serve platform which helps you set up your campaign in a few minutes. It also has a smart interface which allows you to work in a hassle-free manner. You can start, stop, or pause campaigns, review reports, as well as edit bids.

The different types of ads they provide include Banner, Leaderboard, Pop-under, Medium Rectangle, Ministitial, Skyscraper, and Wide Skyscrapers. Generally, Pop up ads obtain the best eCPM.

Alternatives to Google AdSense

Features of Adversal which make it one of the acceptable alternatives to Google AdSense

Adversal also allows you to create your message and upload your images to make native advertisements that are visually appealing to the users. With this native platform, you may even use color tiles or palettes in order to make your message and/or image look more attractive. Moreover, only the impressions that are viewable are the ones that you will pay for. You also have an option to choose to pay only for website clicks rather than for viewable impressions as well.

The geo-targeting option ensures that the advertisers pay top dollar for displaying their ads to the audience they want. As a result, the publishers get benefited and will earn more. The CPM payout rates of this ad network are determined in real-time, with a fixed CPM rate. The parameters that taken into consideration for deciding the payment rates include:

  • where your traffic is from
  • content type
  • bounce rate on your website
  • how much an advertiser is willing to pay for your niche

However, in order to apply for Adversal, monthly page-views of 50,000 are a necessity. Approval of your application requires a period of 3-4 days. Adversal supports payment via Paypal, Bank Wire, and Check. Adversal uses a NET35 schedule, one of the standards in the industry, for paying the publishers. Also, the minimum payout for this ad network is $20.



VigLink is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, apart from Google AdSense. The working of this network is different from that of other programs used for blog monetization. Here, you earn money by making affiliate sales. It is specifically known for in-text advertising and marketing. The basic working of VigLink is as follows:

  • Your normal outgoing links are converted into affiliate links
  • Purchase of the corresponding products by the users, from the affiliate links provided
  • You make a referral commission

With VigLink tracking, you will automatically be signed up for an individual affiliate account on all networks. VigLink automatically monetizes all outbound links. Thus, this allows you to make a good profit from them. JavaScript helps in the working of all the functions. Therefore, this ad network is SEO friendly.

Alternatives to Google AdSense

Benefits of using VigLink as one of the alternatives to Google AdSense

The following are a few of the very important advantages/benefits that you will have by using VigLink as an alternative to AdSense:

  • It is a very SEO friendly ad program
  • Hassle-free set-up (offers plugin too)
  • A smart way to make money from your website
  • On-time Payments done, via PayPal
  • You can control the way linking happens
  • Helps make more money than in-text ads
  • Supports multiple platforms (such as blogs and forums)
  • Doesn’t violate AdSense policies

At present, VigLink is known as Sovrn //Commerce and is incubated by Google. This ad network is the best choice when you have outgoing links to business or product pages such as a fashion store or Amazon. The revenue – split as 25% and 75% of the commission for VigLink and you, respectively. It supports payments via PayPal and has a minimum payment threshold of $10.



SkimLinks is a content monetization network which allows you to passively and effortlessly monetize your blog’s content. It is the best alternative to VigLink and works in a similar manner. After you publish your content, SkimLinks turns any product, brand mention, or merchant link into its equivalent affiliate link. As a result, you will easily be able to make revenue from your blog in a hassle-free manner. Follow the below mentioned basic steps to start making a profit using SkimLinks:

  • While creating your content, add normal product links to it.
  • Your readers will be able to see where exactly the link leads them to.
  • When clicked, the outbound links will automatically be converted into their equivalent affiliate links by SkimLinks. This happens via a brief redirect to the SkimLinks servers.
  • For every purchase made by your readers from the affiliate product links created by SkimLinks, you will make a profit.

Moreover, SkimLinks provides you with three primary categories of compensation methods, from which you can choose a convenient method (depending on what the corresponding vendors are offering). These include:

  • Firstly, Revenue Sharing/Pay Per Share
  • Secondly, Cost Per Acquisition
  • Finally, Cost Per Click or Cost Per Mille (Cost per 1000views)

As SkimLinks and VigLink pay for affiliate sales and not for the clicks, you can easily increase your earnings. Similar to VigLink, this ad network also supports payments via PayPal, and has a minimum payment threshold of $10.



RevenueHits is an ad network – owned and operated by MyAdWise Ltd, a start-up company founded in 2008. It has an impressive dashboard along with a great user interface. You have direct access to your stats in the dashboard, including clicks, impressions, eCPM, and revenue made in the span of 8 days. All the stats are color-coded to allow an easy assessment.

The different types of ads provided include Banners, Top Banner, PopUnders, Interstitial, Slider, Shadow Box, 158*21 Button, and Footer. Interstitial ads are of great use for getting good revenue from mobile traffic. Further, you can select where you want to place the ads on your website with the help of the “Placement” option. Getting approval from this network is quite a speedy process as they have an immediate approval system.

RevenueHits is a good alternative to Google AdSense as its CPA model helps you earn more money when compared to AdSense. Also, it ensures on-time payments as long as you reach the monthly threshold of $20.

Salient features of RevenueHits which make it one of the reliable alternatives to Google AdSense

Some of the salient features that make RevenueHits a good alternative to AdSense include the following:

  • Simple to join and use for monetizing your blog to the fullest
  • Fast approval
  • In-house advertisers who acquire your traffic without any commission
  • On-time payouts to the publishers
  • A guaranteed 100% fill rate – The most profitable ads displayed in a timely manner depending on your user’s geographic location with the help of the robust optimization engine
  • An in-house compliance team – Provides you with compliant ads by harnessing the most advanced ad-monitoring technology
  • 24/7 Support team – use reliable multilevel tracking and reporting systems in order to ensure full compliance. In addition to this, it also reduces any unwanted discrepancies
  • Consists of an Advanced Technology Tool for Adblock monetization – helps you monetize your Adblock traffic using Pops and Banners – as a result, it enables monetization coverage for 100% of your traffic
  • Provides you with the best account managers who will assist you throughout.

In addition to these, it also provides the quickest response time and constant optimization of your revenue. RevenueHits supports payment via PayPal, Payoneer as well as Wire transfers. This ad network uses the standard NET30 schedule for payments – what you earn this month gets paid at the end of the next month. It has a minimum payment threshold of $20, especially if you are making use of PayPal as your payment method.



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