Google Adsense: 5 Tips To Maximize Revenue

Google Adsense: 5 Tips To Maximize Revenue

While Adsense is a handy tool to help you generate ample revenue, what matters is the way you employ it. This guide presents a rundown of ways to leverage the actual potential of Google Adsense.

Bloggers tend to use this revenue model because of low skills requirement and zero upfront investment. However, you’ll need to come up with a strategic approach to ensure that your website generates substantial revenue this way. Apart from ensuring guidelines, there goes a lot into maximizing your CTR (Click Through Ratio).

Be mindful of things that can get your Adsense account flagged for unethical use. These might include illegitimate ad placement to forcefully generate views and clicking on the ads yourself or asking someone to. With the basics out of the picture, here’s how you can create more revenue with Adsense than ever.

1) Be aware of Smartpricing

This scheme can be tricky to deal with as Google keeps the popularity of your website in order to give some discount to the advertisers. This means, sites with massive click-through ratio tend to have a higher value of cost per ad click. Similarly, low click-through ratio implies that your site has relatively lower “value” and hence, less cost for ad clicks.


You can prevent any revenue loss by either keeping ads limited to your old posts or by only showing them to visitors landing from search engines. Improving your CTR can have a considerable effect on the way Google treats your website to decide the revenue generation.

2) Pick the best keywords for Google Adsense

Keyword selection is not only crucial in order to maintain the relevancy of your content but also to determine your total revenue. Be mindful of optimum keyword density if you want to remain in the good books of Google. While choosing high paying keywords is smart, stuffing them unnecessarily might cause unintentional harm.

Do ample research while dealing with keyword placement and also keep Adsense guidelines pinned while exercising your findings. Properly put keywords will pull ads on your webpage in a way that these seem relevant to the viewer reading your blog or going through any other published content.

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3) Prioritize traffic source and location

Your Google Adsense revenue depends heavily on the countries your most viewers are from. Regardless of having massive impression figures, you might end up getting pennies if your maximum traffic is from countries with low CPCs.

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A website has more chances of revenue generation when a significant amount of traffic is coming from search engine results. Thus, you need to curate content in a way that it can be appropriately targeted to high CPC countries. For instance, views from the USA and US users tend to be more beneficial when it comes to yielding high revenue. SEMRush is of one of the best tool to increase traffic.


4) Remove other ad networks

You can drastically improve the loading time of your website if your revenue model only includes one channel. While this might seem contradictory at first, you’ll necessarily be able to focus on Google Adsense and make its strategic use.

Along with the fast loading time, this measure will also enhance the visibility of your Adsense ads. Subsequently, providing you with increased ad clicks and more revenue.

5) Earn more with Google Adsense for search

You should try to leverage the benefits of different ad types while employing Adsense for generating revenue. This way, you can add extra means of making money along with figuring out what works the best for your site.

Adsense for search seems a wise choice that can not only let you monetize but also enhance your site’s navigation. It’s essential to use methods like this if you want to come up with a strategic approach for improving revenue.


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