Top 5 high paying affiliate programs in 2019

Top 5 high paying affiliate programs in 2019

Earning through affiliate marketing seems like a no-brainer when you have a blog driving decent monthly traffic. This guide aims to troubleshoot your queries when it comes to choosing among the best affiliate programs.

As you neither have to come up with a product offering nor any customer assistance, affiliate programs can be your thing. However, you’ll need to target a suitable audience along with selecting a program that matches your site’s theme. Those looking for passive income source can churn out a significant amount of money by redirecting readers through their “affiliate links.”

Make sure to look into your competitors’ affiliate marketing strategies along with your own audience while choosing one of your own. This way, you’d know what all might be required to make this marketing plan a hit. If you’re confused about which affiliate program to go with, read ahead and select the most compelling one.

1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost can be a handy way to cash out your monthly user traffic by letting them buy a reliable hosting plan. This company offers various hosting options depending on your budget and functionality requirements. Any sale made through your affiliate link is going to provide you with a decent commission value.

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On average, you can churn out $65 per sale and proceed towards earning more as your redirected audience purchases premium plans. The more value a hosting plan has, commission rate increases and you earn more in total. Nonetheless, a basic plan can also let you earn considerably if you keep on making sales through your affiliate link.

You’ll need to align your website suitably such that your audience can be highly likely to purchase a hosting plan from Bluehost. They have a cookie duration of 60 days and you can use Paypal when wanting to cash out your generated commission amount.

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2. Aweber Affiliate Programs

Started back in 1998, AWeber is a prominent name in the field of email marketing. Over the past two decades, AWeber has gained the trust of millions of people looking for an affiliate marketing campaign that pays well.

A whopping 30% recurring commission rate makes it a standout, thus providing you a substantial margin with each sale. This turns out to be around $45 for each sale you make from your Aweber affiliate link. Moreover, you can surpass this commission rate when your referrals start opting for higher email marketing plans. The type of plan your referrals choose is what decides the actual amount you receive from AWeber.

AWeber program is a perfect choice for email marketers regardless of their skill sets. You get a cookie duration of 365 days and can use Paypal to cash out your earnings.

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3. Siteground

It’s a hosting website that offers a decent commission to affiliates based on the number of sales they can carry out monthly. You can find Siteground among the most reliable hosting companies, and they further provide with numerous hosting options to choose from. Likewise, one can go for shared, cloud, or dedicated hosting based on their website requirements.

Siteground lets you make up to $125 per sale, which can be broken down as:

  1. $50 for each sale by making 1-5 sales per month.
  2. $75 per sale by making 6-10 sales per month.
  3. $100 per sale by making 11-20 sales per month.
  4. Lastly, you get $125 per sale by making more than 20 sales in a month.

If you’re using Siteground for your affiliate marketing campaign, you need to focus on targeting those who might be looking for a reliable web hosting service. Tons of positive online reviews certainly make your job easier when it comes to assuring people regarding credibility. However, you should also enlist your own user experience if you have used Siteground for your own site’s hosting. This way, your audience can know that you vouch for this service and will be more likely to trust your testimonials.

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4. Amazon Affiliate programs

Amazon is indeed a leader in this game with millions of worldwide affiliates earning a ton of money. This program can be a win-win for you if you have a massive online presence as influencers can promote products with ease. Amazon stands out from the competition because of the sheer volume they have in terms of sales. However, average sale costs reflect that your audience will be spending somewhere around $50. Out of this, 1-10% is going to be yours.

Most people focus on the product webpage they reach by your link. So, pick products that suitably align with your audience’s interests. However, Amazon affiliate earnings are based on the actual product a person is buying instead of the one redirected by link.

If you’re promoting a t-shirt and someone purchases an iPhone via your link, your commission will depend on the latter. You should stay focused on promoting relevant products as this will improve your click-through rate (CTR). Avoid listing any popular product that might be a hit on another website but doesn’t go well with yours.

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5. Grammarly

Some affiliate programs aren’t limited to an audience and can be a viable solution for a significantly vast user base. Grammarly falls under the same category as this tool is fit for everyone who writes anything online, including emails. Thus, your chances of getting more click-through rate (CTR) become massive.

If your affiliate link makes someone stick to the free version only, you get a commission value of $0.2. On top of it, every user upgrading to Grammarly Premium plan provides you with $20 as commission. This is valid even when the person decides to upgrade within 90 days of completing the signup.

Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

Takeaway: It’s suggested not to keep the commission rate as the only determining factor while trusting in affiliate marketing. A moderate amount per sale can make sufficient money if you focus on bringing the right referral to your audience. Instead of getting lured by early success, go for something that can consistently make you money.

Assessing your audience becomes crucial for this as they decide your generated commission. Thus, figure out the most preferred interests of your audience and then compare various affiliate programs that fall under your niche.


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