Using SEMrush SEO Tool To Improve Traffic

Using SEMrush SEO Tool To Improve Traffic

Getting enriched revenue becomes possible with the improvement in your traffic channels and consistent monitoring. SEMrush SEO tool comes handy when you’re in the market for a significantly reliable tool to help you attain success.

While SEMrush emerged as a keyword management tool, now it has become an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. Thus, it seems wise to know how you can leverage its rich insights so as to enhance your organic traffic. Here are ways in which SEMrush can take your search engine optimization to an entirely new level.

SEMrush SEO tool

Analyzing desktop vs. mobile traffic

Considering how prevalent mobile browsers have become, leaving mobile traffic data unattended can make you miss out majorly. Studies reflect upon mobile devices accounting for up to a staggering 47.96 percent of entire web traffic. SEMrush offers a comprehensive insight into mobile vs. desktop traffic in order to let you come up with the required strategic changes.

One can seamlessly switch between these two Traffic Analytics and assess them in the Overview tab. Along with this, you can analyze these traffic separately within the Subdomains and Geo Distribution tabs. SEMrush showcases locations where your keywords aren’t getting enough traffic along with those with maximum growth. It can easily extract data from previous years, and you won’t have to wait too long after modifying date ranges.


Being mindful of competitors

Online marketing strategies are bound to consider every minute move your competitors make. SEMrush turns out to be leading choice of those who want to remain watchful for what other businesses in their niche are doing, which keywords strategies are making them succeed, and utterly important– what all are you heading to implement.

However, several other factors go alongside keywords when it comes to hunting the best strategies. Once you learn using SEMrush SEO tool, it gets easy to pick strategies that you could simply learn from the competition.

SEMrush SEO tool

Doing cost analysis with SEMrush SEO tool

Firstly, look into individual CPC of each keyword and figure out the average amount per click depending on your keywords. SEMrush gives you useful insights such as average percentage traffic, monthly search volumes, and competitive density. This will not only help you decide suitable keywords but also give you an estimated idea of the monthly revenue.

Make sure you pay heed to every determining factor like the positioning of keywords in SERP, trend analysis as well as cost%. This tool eradicates the hassle of your keyword research by making relevant and accurate insights available. Spying on your competitors can only render beneficial results when you are successful in picking the best practices.

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Using date ranges to modify keywords

Any modification in your keyword selection directly impacts how your webpages will perform during search results. SEO tools like SEMrush let your leverage the power of keywords by giving you actionable data sets. You can alter date ranges of your site in order to see how any specific keyword has been performing over the years.

Apart from this, date ranges can also help analyze the growth of your competitors based on their keywords. What differentiates SEMrush SEO tool from various other software in the market is the accuracy it provides you with. Rapid outcomes are needed when you’re planning to assess any site’s growth over time. SEMrush derives reliable results for you within the blink of an eye and lets you improvise your marketing strategy.

Tracking ranking history with SEMrush SEO tool

Identifying trends is only possible when you have a record of all the past entries of your webpages. One can’t be certain about the previous performance of keywords without studying this data. Furthermore, not having accurate ranking history makes it difficult to filter successful webpages and understand what made them drive relatively more traffic.

A successful SEO campaign depends on the choice of strategic tools and up to what extent you can utilize these. All in all, SEMrush proves its worth by offering you a vast range of functionality.


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