What Are Backlinks In SEO (2019)

What Are Backlinks In SEO (2019)

Strategic use of backlinks turns out to be significantly helpful when you’re aiming towards ranking your webpage. This article showcases them as a viable tool to attain organic traffic redirected from trusted sources on the web.

In layman terms, it can be simply put as a feasible way of connecting two web pages. Websites often link to other relevant sites in order to allow users to either have a better understanding of the concept or reach a related product or service. However, that’s not all as they work as an effective tool which can render higher ranking.

While search engines favor genuine backlinks, there’s a whole lot that goes into understanding what are backlinks and their working. Using prevalent unethical means of generating them can not only doom your ranking strategy but also get your website flagged.


Does your webpage need backlinks?

Although site owners use several trusted methods of securing better web reach, the quality of these marketing strategies counts. In this way, you should focus on finding relevant sources that can justify the entire purpose of putting a backlink. Gaining a thousand backlinks is merely futile when none of them is suitable enough or redirects from reputed sources.

This means, your website can only gain traffic when your links are put thoughtfully to make users actively click them. For instance, if you have a webpage that talks explicitly about smartphones, there’s no way you can gain search engine ranking by getting links from food blogs. However, those from contextual sections of related websites can dramatically improve your ranking.

They offer various advantages to a webpage which is why it becomes crucial to discuss these in detail.

Faster indexing

They tend to play a vital role when it comes to allowing search engine bots to discover a new website. These bots utilize existing web pages in order to identify those connected with natural links. If you’ve been struggling with indexing of your site, it’s about time you begin building suitable links from high authority websites.


Backlinks leads to more organic traffic

The most apparent impact of building a network of backlinks is when your site starts getting enriched organic traffic. Moreover, you can use tools to assess how top search engine results are always those having a decent number of links from trusted sources. This further makes clear that securing quality links should top your marketing strategies.

Referral traffic

A website can gain significant referral traffic when its links are placed in other relevant posts of different sites. Such traffic holds elevated chances of conversion when a user deliberately clicks on your link to discover more about the topic. You can also use anchored text so as to put the backlink naturally.

Improved reliability

With a number of relevant backlinks present on a webpage, it becomes highly convenient for a user to navigate. Additionally, one can hop onto more web pages that are linked via backlinks. It enhances the reliability of both sites if the user can actually get the desired information by clicking these backlinks.

Brand name exposure

Backlinks are highly reliable in getting your brand established and readily recognized by masses. Using a brand name with backlinks can help a business to get into the eyes of online readers landing on the site containing these links. These users often tend to connect your brand name with the website content, thus improving brand recognition and exposure.

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What are backlinks of high-quality?

Now it’s established that backlink building is vital when you’re focusing on enhanced traffic generation. However, this shouldn’t imply that you end up relying on irrelevant backlinks in the hope of gaining more traffic. Only “quality backlinks” can support your website goals, hence it’s pivotal to understand which backlinks can be useful. 

These few factors determine the quality of a backlink. Thus, should top your priority so that you can allocate your resources wisely.

The relevance of the source

In order to acquire high-quality links, you need to focus on ensuring the relevancy of content surrounding the link. Search engines tend to focus on providing the most relevant content to a user. This is why relevant backlinks play a crucial role in deciding the ranking of your webpage.

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From high authority sites

Securing backlinks from websites having high domain authority can be the greatest leap you can have when considering quality. Thus, you should be proactive about the authority of the site you’re trying to gain a backlink from. If there’s not substantial domain authority, there’s hardly any chance of an improved rank.

Next to backlinks of high authority sites

A backlink becomes more beneficial when the publishing site also mentions some other high-authority backlinks within the same content. This means you should be watchful for sources that can incorporate your link on the same page that contains backlinks leading to reputed blogs and sites of the same genre.

Not reciprocal

Reciprocal backlinks seem like an exchange deal between two sites by mentioning each other’s backlinks in their published content. While it doesn’t imply that your website won’t get traffic gains via such links, it won’t still be counted as the highest quality link. Search engines majorly favor those backlinks which don’t indicate the use of such networking strategies.


Backlinks in a published text act like an easter egg for gaining significant traffic boost and enhancing the relevancy of your web content. Nonetheless, it becomes pivotal to stay away from paid means when it comes to including backlinks and actively focus on organic growth. SEO is vast, dynamic and inevitably crucial for the success of your digital marketing campaign. Good quality backlinks are what determine the extent up to which you can harness the power of SEO. Subsequently, you can convert a boring web article into an ocean of highly relevant information.


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